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About Coach Crystal

Hi I’m Crystal

Although Exercise is an important component to overall health and well-being most people find it difficult to carve out time in their busy schedules to spend hours at the gym on a weekly basis. Clifefit helps support people in their weight loss and fitness journey by providing compact, fun, effective challenging workouts that can fit into their busy schedules. Fitness Programs are designed to build muscle, burns fat and raise overall metabolism levels by incorporating weight and cardio circuit training with a healthy nutritional plans. Our goal is to ilicit transformation of the body the mind and spirit for lasting life style change.

My passion for wanting to pursue a career in fitness all started with my mom. Despite years of encouraging her to eat a more balanced diet and exercise, she always resisted implementing better ways to improve her health. Although she was a tennis player and claimed to work out at the gym, I never really saw any real improvements in her health or energy levels. One day I accompanied her to the fitness center and discovered that even though she was familiar with the gym, she appeared very uncomfortable and unsure of herself in this place. That day, my mom and I agreed to embark on a journey together to improve her overall health, by creating and implementing a health and fitness program. Over time, she made small, lasting changes and gained a renewed sense of self-confidence that ultimately transformed her body, mind, and overall lifestyle.

In turn I gained new perspectives and a deeper level of empathy for people who, like my mother, just needed someone to come alongside them to help provide education, support, guidance and a little tough love in this area of their life. Out of this experience, I launched my business, CLifeFit, which pairs fitness training and health and wellness coaching. This holistic approach targets the behaviors, mindsets, and habits as well as the fitness needs of my clients in order to facilitate lasting, sustainable transformation.

I always tell people on this journey, look for progress not perfection, you’re going to have highs and lows. When you have those lows, you don’t have to stay there, and when you have those highs, glean all the goodness that comes out of it so that you’ll press repeat to do it again.

Owner’s Certifications

  • National Federation of Professional Trainers – Fitness Trainer
  • Ace Health – Certified Health Coach
  • CPR/AED Certified
  • Bachelor’s Degree – Communication Science
  • Master’s Degree – Speech/Language Pathology
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